Center Console Boat Parts For Inshore Fishing

Posted on: 7 July 2018

Center console boats offer unrivaled versatility for the inshore fisherman. However, just like any outdoor product, there always seems to be something new to add to make them work even better.

Here are some center console boat products you might consider adding to help you catch more inshore fish this season:

Green Lights

For years, inshore fishermen have targeted docks that feature green lights. These green lights attract plankton, which attract baitfish, which attract much bigger fish. Green-light technology has drastically improved the last few years, with many manufacturers making products specifically for center console boats.

  • Lumens: The amount of light produced by a green light is expressed in lumens. This number should be clearly stated in the product description. However, the lumens produced by a green light is not always dependent on the light itself. The green bulb will often play a large part as well. You can sometimes save money by purchasing a green light with a lower lumen output and swap out the bulb it comes with, with a much brighter bulb. You should also make sure that the green lights you choose don't overwhelm your center console boat's electrical system. Be sure to check the amount of power before purchasing the green lights.

GPS-enabled Trolling Motor

As cellular and GPS technology continues to become cheaper and more reliable, many center console–boat products are becoming smarter. One such innovation is GPS-enabled trolling motors. Not only can these trolling motors help you chart a path through your favorite fishing spots, but they can also sync up with other smart technology on your center console boat.

  • Compatibility: One of the only drawbacks of GPS-enabled trolling motors that seems to frustrate inshore anglers is compatibility. To work optimally, your GPS-enabled trolling motor should sync up with your center console boat's fishing finder, mapping software, and primary motor, and even your smartphone. Connecting to all of these devices can enable you to have all of your boat's systems working in concert. For instance, if the GPS-enabled trolling motor syncs with your boat's primary, then if the trolling motor can't keep up with the current, the motor may temporarily kick on to assist the trolling motor. Additionally, connecting to the GPS-enabled trolling motor with your smartphone can help you import fishing locations available on the web and/or help you avoid underwater hazards that might exist in your area.

To learn more about products for your center console boat, talk to companies like Boater's Landing.