• Reloading Basics - The Use Of A Die Press

    Do you own a gun that requires you to use shell casings that are filled with gunpowder? If so, you may benefit by investing in a die press that can aid you with preparing your reloading supplies. Owning a press can be an asset to a recreational shooter or a professional shooter.  Less Costly To Acquire Gun Supplies Purchasing shells from a distributor can be costly and repetitive. Each time that you run out of ammunition, you are faced with needing to make an outside purchase and possibly not being able to locate the supplies that you need. [Read More]

  • Choosing Specialty Ammunition For Your Personal Defense Firearm

    Carrying a firearm for self-defense means being responsible for anything that happens when your use the weapon to protect yourself or someone else. The right 9mm ammo for your handgun is vital, and not every ammunition available will work for your situation.  Self Defense Ammunition Most 9mm ammunition manufacturers produce standard full metal jackets or ball ammo that you can use in your gun, and most firearms will feed the ammo through the magazine and receiver. [Read More]

  • Book A Hot Air Balloon Ride For Your Family

    A lot of families enjoy partaking in the same activities each summer. For example, you might always rent a cottage, attend a live sporting event, or travel to the beach. While familiar activities can be fun for everyone, it's also a nice idea to occasionally experience something new. Spend some time browsing the various available family activities in your area, and then consider something that will surprise your kids. One option is a hot air balloon ride, which you can find in many regions. [Read More]

  • Reasons To Buy A Boat

    Are you thinking about buying a boat? Most boat owners don't regret their decision to buy one, as there are many perks they get to enjoy. There's something special about being out on the water that you can only understand if you experience it.  If you're deciding whether or not to buy a boat, you should consider the following reasons why it's a good decision. Spending Time with Family and Friends [Read More]

  • Three Times To Get A Taxidermy Mount

    When you're a hunter, you may want to occasionally take an animal you've harvested to a local taxidermy shop and have it turned into a mount. You can then hang the mount in a place of prominence in your home to celebrate your accomplishment. Some people have just one taxidermy mount in their home, while others have a large number of these display pieces. How you proceed depends on several factors, including how you want your home to look and how much available space you have. [Read More]

  • Ways To Find Good Fishing Spots

    The first step in fishing is determining where to cast, and your chosen location will vastly impact the chances of catching fish. Here are some methods you can use to find good local fishing spots. Ask Local Anglers The most obvious source is to ask local anglers where their favorite spots are. Although most are unlikely to give up the secret spots they absolutely love, some may offer general guidance or let you know of well-known spots. [Read More]

  • Three Benefits Of A Tritoon Boat

    Pontoon boats are highly popular among boating enthusiasts because of their spaciousness and comfort. If you enjoy casual cruises around the water, this is arguably the best type of boat for you to buy. Your local boat dealer likely carries a large inventory of pontoon boats for you to peruse. You'll see that most of them have two tubes beneath their deck, but there are also pontoon boats that have a third tube in the middle. [Read More]

  • The Best Way To Legally Carry Your Gun Across State Borders

    Millions of Americans own a gun of one kind or another, from pistols to rifles and everything in between. With so many states and counties, understanding the rules as you traverse through the country can be a little bit tricky when it comes to keeping your firearms. This can be especially annoying for people who live on the border between states, as many do. If you own a gun and would like to be able to safely carry it wherever you are going on a regular basis, then you should invest in a multi-state permit to carry course and reap the rewards it offers. [Read More]