Four Reasons To Pursue Falconry As A Hobby

Posted on: 19 July 2018

If you ask most people to name hobbies, falconry is not one that will come up often. Falconry can be expensive, and it is definitely demanding, which may be why it is nowhere near as common as dog training, horseback riding, or golf. However, in spite of its cost and demanding nature, falconry does offer a lot of benefits for those involved. Here are four reasons to pursue falconry as a hobby.

Falconry Teaches You About the Beauty of Animals

Falconry teaches you to think about animals in a whole new way. You gain immense respect for birds that are and could be dangerous, but who choose to interact with you peacefully because of how you have trained them. You learn how your behavior directly affects the behavior of the falcon. Feeling that connection with an animal other than a dog or cat will really open up your mind and emotions.

Falconry Is a Traditional Craft

There is no school of falconry or official organization that ensures that falconry is handed down from generation to generation. Mostly, the skill is passed from one master falconer to his or her apprentices. If nobody takes on the responsibility of learning the skill, it will eventually die out. By learning falconry, you are helping to preserve this skill -- especially if you one day become knowledgeable enough to start teaching others.

Falconry Teaches You Determination

You won't learn the skills to be a master falconer overnight. You will have setbacks along the way, and there will be days when you're not sure whether you should carry on. But, if you put your doubts aside and keep pushing ahead, you will see vast improvements. This teaches you how to be determined and unwavering in other aspects of your life. You will look back on the lessons you learned in falconry and be able to use them in the workplace, in social situations, and more.

You’ll Meet Other Interesting People

Falconers tend to be very interesting people. You may meet falconers who also enjoy other outdoor activities like hiking, gardening, breeding other animals, and birdwatching. You'll form a new social circle, and probably with people who share your interests and can help you explore new ones.

To learn more about falconry, get in touch with a master falconer like Flint Hills Falcons LLC in your area. They can tell you more about the steps towards training and owning your own birds.