Don't Let A Wedgie Cost You A Win

Posted on: 20 July 2018

Gymnastics can be a great outlet for excess energy. The flexibility and physical conditioning required of gymnasts can help you build healthy habits that will last throughout your lifetime. If you enjoy participating in competitive gymnastics, then you probably have several leotards that you wear during major competitions.

The fit of your leotard is as important as the preparation you put into each routine. Many leotards will ride up a gymnast's backside, resulting in an unsightly and distracting wedgie. Pulling at your leotard could be cause for a deduction from your score, so you need to find a way to eliminate the threat of a wedgie.   

1. Use a liquid body adhesive.

One easy way to ensure that your leotard doesn't ride up in the back is to glue it in place with a liquid body adhesive. These products typically come in a stick form. You simply roll the glue directly onto your body, then press your leotard firmly into place on your backside while the glue is still tacky.

Avoid any major movement for a few minutes while the glue dries. You may have to reapply a liquid body adhesive between events, so be sure to keep a stick in your competition bag at all times.

2. Use wig tape.

You can borrow one of Hollywood's secret weapons when it comes to keeping your leotard in place. Stars have relied on wig tape to prevent plunging necklines from shifting for years. You can apply wig tape to your behind to prevent your leotard from riding up.

Just peel off the paper backing on the wig tape and stick it to your skin where the edge of your leotard rests. Press the leotard fabric firmly against the tape to create a good seal. If you have to pull the leotard away and adjust its position, your wig tape might lose its stickiness. Be prepared to use a fresh piece of tape for maximum hold.

3. Invest in a custom leotard.

Another great option for keeping your leotard in place is to invest in a custom leotard made specifically for your body. A leotard is more likely to ride up in the back if it is too short through the torso.

A custom leotard is made to match the exact dimensions of your body, providing you with a perfect fit. You will be able to eliminate wedgies and create your own unique look when you invest in a custom leotard.