Look For These Gay-Friendly Sponsors For Your Kickball Team

Posted on: 25 July 2018

If you're putting together a team of kickball players and will be joining a gay kickball league like America's Finest Kickball League, you can expect a lot of fun throughout the season. Although there's nothing wrong with just handling the league fees yourselves, many teams look for sponsorship as a way to offset the cost of joining the league. Many leagues charge an entry fee and still require you to buy your own uniforms, so seeking sponsorship can give your team the funds for enrollment and to buy uniforms. You can certainly consider any type of sponsorship, but looking for a gay-friendly one can be appropriate. Here are some suggestions.

A Gay Newspaper or Magazine

Depending on where you live, there may be one or more gay newspapers or magazines that serve your community. It's worthwhile to contact these publications to inquire about sponsorship. Sponsoring your team in the gay kickball league can serve as a form of marketing for either of the publications, as you'll generally wear the sponsor's name on the front or the back of your team's jerseys. Sponsorship is a definite possibility, and the publication that sponsors you might even cover you in its pages.

A Gay Restaurant or Bar

Another avenue to explore when you're seeking gay-friendly sponsorship for your gay kickball team is to call a few restaurants or bars that cater specifically to the gay community. You may find that these establishments are eager to sponsor your team, given the type of league in which you'll be playing. For example, a gay-friendly restaurant might assume that by having its logo on your jerseys, the competitors in your kickball league will see the logo and decide to visit the restaurant after the game. This can thus be an effective sponsorship venture for the establishment.

A Gay Politician

You might also wish to consider contacting a gay politician to inquire about sponsorship. Local politicians are often looking for creative ways to raise awareness of their name, and someone who is gay may feel as though sponsoring your kickball team will be a smart political decision. For example, the politician may believe that this type of support will lead to your team members and perhaps even other players in your kickball league remembering his or her name and offering your support at election time. By focusing on these three sponsorship ideas, you'll likely be able to land a sponsor before the season begins.