4 Different Types Of Juggling You Can Master

Posted on: 31 July 2018

If you just started playing around with the art of juggling, your journey is just starting. Juggling is a complicated sport that has many different forms and styles for you to master. Here are just a few types of juggling that you can learn and master over time. 

#1 Stick Juggling

Sick juggling consists of the use of three different sticks. You have two sticks that are used for manipulation and movement, and one larger stick that you perform the tricks with the other two sticks on. The larger stick is referred to as a baton. Stick juggling is a great way to add a lot of entertaining tricks to your skill set. You can up your stick juggling game with juggling sticks from companies like ZNX that have tassels and other embellishments on them that make the tricks a littler trickery and more entertaining.  

#2 Contact Juggling

Contact juggling is a type of juggling that is done with a ball. With contact juggling, you are not throwing the ball, or any other object, into the air. Instead, you are taking a ball and using your body to move the ball around. The ball stays in contact with your body the entire time, hence the term contact juggling. This can be a very entertaining form of juggling to add to your act.  

#3 Club Juggling

Club juggling involves the use of juggling tools that look like bowling pins. However, it is important to note that you are not actually using bowling pins; you are using light weight and thinner shaped tools that are easier to juggle with.  

Club juggling often involves the use of other tools as well. The techniques can be used for juggling more dangerous items, such as torches or even knives. However, that type of juggling can only be attempted when you have a high skill level.   

#4 Plate Spinning

Plate spinning involves spinning items on sticks. You can spin more than just plates; you can also spin items such as bowls as well. This type of juggling is all about balance. You need to be able to keep the items spinning on top of the stick without dropping. This requires both balancing and movement skills and can look really cool once you master this art.  

If you are interested in juggling, it is important to realize that there are lots of different ways that you can take your craft. There are lots of different tools that you can juggle with and lots of ways to create entertainment through your juggling. Start with one type of juggling and work on mastering it before moving on to another type of juggling.