How To Create A Truly Original Recipe

Posted on: 31 July 2018

As you become more skilled as a cook, you might want to take your culinary skills to the next level by coming up with your own original recipe. But you might wonder where you should get started and what would classify as an original recipe.

Creating Something New

You might wonder if replacing one ingredient is enough for your recipe to be considered an original recipe. This depends partially on what ingredient you change. Some ingredients are so similar that replacing one with another would not necessarily allow it to be considered an original recipe. However, if you replace an ingredient that fundamentally changes the nature of the product, such as if you replace chocolate with vanilla, you may have created something new.

Another factor is is whether you have your own story with how you developed the recipe. As you continue to work on it, you make changes here and there until you create a perfected version of your recipe. 

If you truly want to be original, do your research to find out what recipes are already out there. There are several websites useful in this regard such as All Recipes, which comes with an ingredient search. When trying to figure out what to make, know your ingredients really well. By knowing how an ingredient tastes, you may be able to ascertain what unique uses you may have for it. 

Creating Something Amazing

When you're working on a particular dish and you notice that all similar dishes have a specific ingredient, such as milk, there is probably a good reason it's there and you should reconsider removing it. But you can easily see which ingredients are optional or interchangeable. 

It's intimidating to try something radically new. You might be worried about wasting the ingredients and ending up with something you cannot finish. Make sure to have dinner backup plans for if your recipe doesn't turn out.

Try to start simple and slowly build on your new recipe. By starting simple, you will be able to make easier changes when necessary to bring out the best flavor. 

Learning the Tools of the Trade

Before inventing a new recipe, consider taking a cooking class to brush up on your cooking skills. Look for classes that promise to teach you something that you do not have experience with. You may just need a completely different cooking technique that will allow you to make something that has never been made before.