Save Lives With First Aid Gunshot Kits & Stop The Bleed Training For Your Facility

Posted on: 31 July 2018

Everyone can agree with the fact that first responders to mass shooting events need to be fast in order to reduce the number of casualties due to bleeding. While the average response time to a school that is having an active shooter event is 12.5 minutes, it can only take several minutes for a victim to succumb to gunshot wounds. Since it can be extremely difficult for first responders to arrive quicker, first aid gunshot wound kits stationed around the building, as well as individuals trained to use them, can save lives.

Whether you manage an office building, are an event coordinator, or are the safety manager of a school district, here is what should be included in first aid kits for gunshot wounds and how to find trainers to teach your staff when and how to use the kits.

First Aid Gunshot Wound Kits

There are first aid gunshot wound kits available for purchase, but cost may be in issue if you need dozens of them so one can be installed in every room or area. Instead, you can build your own kits with the following items: 

  • dressing or bandages to apply pressure directly to the wound 
  • tactical tourniquet to place above the wound in order to slow down or stop bleeding
  • mylar blankets to prevent shock due to rapid heat loss from excessive bleeding

The kits should be easily accessible yet placed away from doorways. Contact your local law enforcement department for advice on where to place the first aid kits. 

Stop the Bleed Training Course 

The federal government has developed an awareness campaign called Stop the Bleed. A significant part of this program is a training course that anyone can book for themselves or their workplace. To find the nearest Stop the Bleed training, search through scheduled Stop the Bleed training events on the federal government website called Bleeding Control. Alternatively, contact your public health department, police department, emergency medical services, or hospital for more information. 

Depending on the number of participants for your organization, you may want to consider scheduling a private training event. That way, everyone in your organization will be able to participate as most classes that are open to the public have limited seating. It's important for everyone to be trained by a professional, rather than having one or two people trained and asking them to train everyone else. The reason for this is due to the seriousness of the decision process that needs to happen quickly before applying tourniquets to gunshot wounds.