Here's Why You Should Rent Ski Gear From A Shop, Not A Friend

Posted on: 21 August 2018

Borrowing skiing gear from a friend when you're interested in experiencing this winter pastime can make a lot of sense. If you have a friend who is a skiing enthusiast, he or she may be happy to lend you skis and some boots for your outing. While the idea of not having to pay to rent this gear can be appealing, you should alternatively be open to the idea of renting your skiing equipment from a proper rental shop. Here are some reasons that doing so is a better idea.

The Fit Will Be Right

There's no guarantee that the fit will be correct when you borrow gear from a friend. It's easy to dismiss the fact that the boots feel just a bit too tight, or the skis seem a little too long for your height, simply because you're getting these things for free. The concern, however, is that using gear that doesn't fit you correctly can make for an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous day of skiing. Ill-fitting boots can leave your feet sore, and skis that are too large may be difficult for you to control. When you visit a reputable rental shop, you'll walk out the door with gear that is the right size for you.

You'll Have Rental Insurance

When you rent skiing equipment from a proper rental shop, the rental comes with insurance. This is ideal, because it means that if something breaks while you're using it, you won't have to pay to replace it. Instead, you can just return to the shop, show an employee the problem, and get a replacement piece of equipment. When you borrow from friends, something breaking in your possession can be a difficult situation. He or she may want you to pay, but you may feel as though there was already some damage present. In some cases, this scenario could even affect your friendship.

It Will Be Ready To Use

Not every piece of skiing equipment that your friend might lend you is ready to be used. For example, if he or she rarely skis anymore, the skis may be well overdue for a waxing. Equipment with such problems can compromise your enjoyment, thus potentially turning you off this winter pastime. At a rental shop, however, you can count on everything being maintained regularly so that you'll get the most out of each piece of gear that you rent.

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