Lodge Leasing For The Perfect Christmas Gathering Of The Family

Posted on: 8 November 2018

Nothing says Christmas like family gatherings. If you're looking for a way to gather your loved ones for a holiday celebration, but have family scattered here and there, consider leasing a mountain lodge. Here, you'll find a few reasons why a lodge rental would be the best place for your family to create some wonderful memories and tips for making the most of your stay.


Sometimes, it's hard to get the family together because of how scattered everyone is. When you organize a gathering that's not at someone's home, you'll be able to select a location that is more centralized for everyone, and/or a location that has something special to offer, like ski slopes, that is more appealing to those family members that are less-likely to come to family gatherings.


You can find some fantastic lodge rentals that are large enough to sleep a huge group of people under a single roof. Not only will you all be able to stay at the same place, but the living spaces will provide you with more than enough space for family dinners, movie nights and all sorts of family fun.

Plan for the Stay

Before you load up and head for the lodge, make sure that you understand everything that you'll be needing during your stay. Some lodges provide all of the bedding, linens and towels that you'll need for the stay, but others will require you to bring your own – it could just be sheets and towels, or it could be that you'll need to bring your own of everything.

Meal Planning

One of the most memorable moments of the holidays is the family meals. When you lease a lodge for a holiday gathering, you'll have a kitchen to work together and make one of the greatest Christmas meals of all times. This is one element that you'll be able to be a little more selective about – if you know your family will be spending lots of time in the kitchen, take the time to find the lodge that has a kitchen large enough for everyone to work together and is stocked with the pans that you'll need.

Note: Contact the lodge management prior to leaving to inquire about the pots and pans available in the kitchen – you don't want to arrive with a turkey and have nothing to cook it in.

Your family's Christmas can be outstanding this year. Take the advice above and discuss this possibility with those you love.