3 Shooting Target Options for Your New Shooting Range

Posted on: 24 May 2019

Whether you are setting up a new shooting range as a business or simply want the best home shooting range on your ranch land, then you have are a wide variety of different options for targets to choose from.

Regardless of the exact target styles you choose, you should purchase those made well enough to be rated as commercial grade. Commercial grade targets are designed for use on professional target shooting ranges and will last for decades even with frequent use.

If you aren't sure what style of targets you want to purchase for your new shooting range, then these are some good options to consider:

Dueling Trees

Dueling trees are a popular style of shooting target that can be used by a single shooter or for competition shooting by two people. Since dueling tree competition targets induces stress that in turn raises each shooters heartbeat and stress level, they are a great way to get in some tactical training.

Commercial grade dueling trees are made of steel and have a row of swinging targets on two sides of a vertical post. When hit by a bullet, the targets will rotate around the vertical post.

It's always best to select a dueling tree with targets that are different colors on each side. This helps each shooter better focus on their own target and help to prevent mishits of the opponent's target.

Swinger Targets

As their name implies, swinger targets are mounted on a stand along their lower edge and are designed to swing back and forth. This type of target system is sold with a single swinging target holder or two.

The swinger targets with two targets are designed for the targets to swing back and forth from left to right independently of each other. The goal is to shoot them when they aren't crossing over each other.

Rotating Targets

If you would like a target that spins on its stand, then a rotating target is ideal. These targets rotate in a circular motion. When the "right" side of the target faces you, then it's time to take aim and shoot at it.

This type of target is ideal for law enforcement training and they also work well for shooters training for hunting trips. Watching the target for the correct shooting surface helps with hand-eye coordination and helps ensure you get a kill shot versus shooting the target in the back.