Buying Bulk 9mm Ammo Helps Cut Costs When Breaking In Several Firearms

Posted on: 14 January 2021

Compared to other calibers, factory-boxed 9mm ammunition sells at relatively low prices. The availability of bulk ammunition drives costs down even further, as purchasing 500 or 1000 rounds opens doors to greater discounts. Firearms enthusiasts who enjoy spending time at the range may fire hundreds of rounds in one session. Even someone who isn't a routine target shooter might benefit from access to bulk rounds if they like to upgrade or trade-in 9mm firearms. Brand-new firearms may benefit from a break-in period that requires putting hundreds of rounds downrange.

The Purpose of a Break-In Period

Breaking-in a firearm may help various parts become better suited for optimal performance. Consider break-in time at the range an "exercise session" for the gun, and that session may involve shooting hundreds of rounds. Purchasing several 50-round boxes of 9mm rounds to cover the recommended break-in session could cost far more money than the price of purchasing the same amount or even more rounds in bulk. For someone who owns more than one firearm and intends to upgrade the firearms, multiply hundreds of break-in rounds times the number of firearms. That's a lot of ammunition.

Owning and Upgrading a Variety of Firearms

Versatility also contributes to the 9mm caliber's popularity. Someone could conceivably choose the same caliber while owning several different types of firearms. The person may own a 9mm carbine long gun, a concealed carry pistol, a full-size pistol, and even a specially chambered revolver. Perhaps the enthusiast prefers to trade in a firearm for a newer one every two or three years. Each time a new firearm ends up acquired, the task of breaking in the gun returns. Storing ammunition for the task in an economical manner may save money over time. When stored properly, ammunition could last many years. Storing the ammo safely is advisable as well.

Concerns about Pressure

Self-defense rounds come with higher pressure specs than standard target ammunition. Sometimes, custom target ammunition pressures could be much lower than standard pressure. High-pressure rounds may put a great deal of stress on a 9mm's parts. When buying bulk, a customer could look at the various pressure levels available and choose the preferred one. Perhaps mixing and matching is an option. The shopper could purchase two separate 500 bulk orders of ammo with slightly different pressure specs. Owners might find it valuable to check the manufacturer's recommendations for pressure specs before placing an order.

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