Three Handgun Barrel Lengths To Consider

Posted on: 18 August 2021

There are lots of factors to think about when you shop for a new handgun, including what length of barrel you want the firearm to have. When you assess a variety of handguns at your local gun shop, you'll likely notice that the barrel length can vary considerably from firearm to firearm. While different firearm owners have different preferences about barrel length, how you intend to use your handgun can also play a role in what length of barrel you choose. Here are three common handgun barrel lengths that you'll find.

Short Barrel

Lots of handguns have barrels that are extremely short. The exact barrel length can vary considerably, given that barrel lengths are typically measured in fractions of an inch. A lot of people favor a short barrel if they're going to buy a handgun as a concealed-carry firearm. The short length of the barrel will make it easier for you to conceal this handgun under your clothing, in a handbag or fanny pack, or even in a small gun safe in your vehicle. While a short barrel won't give you as much accuracy as a long barrel, this generally isn't a concern with a concealed firearm as you'd be unlikely to have to engage a target at anything farther than close quarters.

Medium Barrel

Another option to think about when you shop for a new handgun is a model that has a medium barrel. There are lots of ways that you may wish to use a handgun with a medium-length barrel, but a common application is as a home defense gun. Because you won't be concealing the gun on your body, you don't need the barrel to be overly short. A medium barrel can provide you with the accuracy you need, and provided that you choose a caliber that offers plenty of stopping power, you'll have an effective firearm for defending your family.

Long Barrel

Handguns with long barrels are popular choices for those who enjoy target shooting. A longer barrel tends to give you a high degree of accuracy, which is exactly what you want when you're aiming at targets downrange. A handgun that has a long barrel is bulky, but this isn't a concern when you go target shooting. In most cases, you'll be transporting the firearm to the gun range in a locking case, rather than concealing it under your clothing. Visit a gun shop to learn more about handgun barrel lengths.