Three Benefits Of A Tritoon Boat

Posted on: 9 March 2022

Pontoon boats are highly popular among boating enthusiasts because of their spaciousness and comfort. If you enjoy casual cruises around the water, this is arguably the best type of boat for you to buy. Your local boat dealer likely carries a large inventory of pontoon boats for you to peruse. You'll see that most of them have two tubes beneath their deck, but there are also pontoon boats that have a third tube in the middle. These boats are commonly known as Tritoons. There are lots of reasons to consider buying this type of boat, including the following.

Higher Capacity

One of the biggest benefits of a Tritoon boat is that the addition of the third tube will allow the boat to support more weight. You can always learn the exact weight capacity from reading the boat's brochure, but the increase can be significant over a similar boat with two tubes. For those who love boating with friends, the higher capacity can be exciting. You'll be able to take more people on board with you without worrying about the boat being too heavy. Even if you don't plan to take more passengers with you, you may appreciate the extra capacity in other situations. For example, if you're camping, you'll be able to carry a lot more gear.

More Stability

A Tritoon boat will generally have more stability than a standard pontoon boat. This can especially be beneficial for any passengers who don't like the feel of a boat that rocks too much. While standard pontoon boats tend to be fairly stable, the third tube will add even more stability — resulting in very little rocking when you're on the water. Everyone on board will appreciate this when they're eating a meal on board, as doing so will be easier when the vessel isn't rocking side to side as much.


While the likelihood of running into something hard with one of your tubes and damaging it is very small, you might nonetheless worry about such an issue occurring. For example, if you were to hit a jagged rock, you might worry about it puncturing one of the tubes and causing it to fill with water. If this incident were to occur, having three tubes instead of two would provide more buoyancy as you travel back to shore. To browse a selection of Tritoon boats and learn more about their benefits, visit your local boat dealer like Lifestyle Marine.