Three Times To Get A Taxidermy Mount

Posted on: 10 June 2022

When you're a hunter, you may want to occasionally take an animal you've harvested to a local taxidermy shop and have it turned into a mount. You can then hang the mount in a place of prominence in your home to celebrate your accomplishment. Some people have just one taxidermy mount in their home, while others have a large number of these display pieces. How you proceed depends on several factors, including how you want your home to look and how much available space you have. There are several times that you may wish to get a taxidermy mount, including these three scenarios.

First Animal

For any hunter, the first animal that they harvest can be a big accomplishment. If you've just started to hunt and you've had your first success, you may wish to consider a taxidermy mount. While subsequent animals that you harvest may be larger, you'll probably always remember this first moment with fondness. Turning the animal's head into a mount will keep this moment in your mind and pay tribute to your accomplishment.

Largest Animal

While many hunters are constantly on a quest to harvest the largest animal they can, you may occasionally have success hunting an animal and realize that it may be some time before you can top this moment. For example, if you hunt deer and are able to harvest a buck with an enormous and elaborate rack that is the envy of everyone in your hunting party, you may have doubts that you'll ever get another deer with a bigger rack. This can be another good time to think about taxidermy. The size of this mount will have an immediate wow factor for anyone who sees it on your wall, and it will serve as a pleasant memory of your successful hunting moment.

Unique Animal

Even if you primarily hunt for one particular type of animal, you may occasionally have an opportunity to hunt for something else. For example, perhaps you and some friends have taken a trip to a different location to set your sights on a unique type of prey. Turning whatever animal you harvest into a taxidermy mount after this trip is an idea to consider. Not only will the different appearance of the animal add some visual variety to your home, but this mount will also help you to fondly recall the adventure you had with your friends.

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